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Alpaca Shearing References:
These are  some of the farms we have sheared for that have web sites....
that doesn't mean that their pictures reflect our shearing, ;-)
but you can call and ask them how we did....
if we've sheared for you, and you'd like your link
displayed please send a copy of your logo ,
and we'll be happy to get it up for you.
Feel free to link to our site as well! :-)




Alpaca Oasis  



Alpacas of Madison County

The crew just completed the shearing at Alpacas of Madison County and did a terrific job. 
Please put me on the list for next year.  I couldn't be more pleased with their work.  Stephanie Brown




Alpacas Pure and Simple              Alpacas of Saber Creek Meadows   


Alpaca Spring Valley Farm
Alpacas, Posies & Pines      Always Accoyo       

Arbor Way Alpacas Farm









Chipola Alpacas, Inc.


Country Club Alpacas

John Sheared for me last year, and I have never had a better job done!
He was fast, efficient, and my alpacas never looked better.

Dan Coulter
Day Star Alpacas



Just a note to say what a nice job John
did shearing for us this past May. 
I believe I have referred a number of other breeders,
and they told me they
have already signed on for next year. 
Could please put us on your schedule for next year?

Thank you!
Judy Simpson

Endless Mountains Alpacas

Erie Oasis Alpacas  



  Gentle Meadows Alpaca Farm  

Harmony Ridge Alpacas     Heart and Soul Alpacas



Hickory Hill Suris       Hidden Hilltop Alpaca Ranch 


Hello Rachel and John,
 Have meant to email you since John and team were here shearing May 23.  We told John and his team while they were here,
but wanted to reiterate that we are VERY pleased with the work the team did on our animals. 
They sheared 37 alpacas in a bit over 5 hours!  A very good job, too.  The animals look good - heads and legs too. 
They are the most organized shearers we have ever had and they were polite, pleasant and handled the
animals gently. We look forward to having the 4 of them back next year.

Shauna and Jeff
Hobby Horse Farm Alpacas



J. C. Alpaca Farm



Majestic Meadows Alpacas, Inc

Menagerie Farm Alpacas, LLC             Merry Dawn Alpacas 



Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your shearing of our alpacas.  Your guys did a wonderful job and I cannot be happier.  Sorry about the rain delay, but all else went beautifully.  After sniffing alot of butts, the crias were able to find their moms.  My guys look so beautiful.  They are taking a sun bath right now.  Hope the trip to NJ was a smooth one as well.  Look forward to having everyone again in 2009.  Going to try to see if we can get some new breeders in our area interested as well.  Gotta help everyone out here.  Also am now prepared to rain - have barn lights as well. 
Thanks again for the wonderful job, have a great shearing season!!  Be Safe!!
Misty Meadow Alpacas



Orchard Hill Alpacas




John and his crew did an excellent job shearing at our farm.  They were efficient, fast and friendly. 
None of the due mothers got stressed and the normal spitters didn't have time to get stressed. 
Even the owners didn't get stressed or worn out.  We actually look forward to having them back next year.
 Thank you for a job well done!
Fred & Nancy Medland
Paradise Suri Alpaca Farm


Rancho De La Luz







Just wanted to let you know we were very happy with the job John and his
crew did today !!! They were very professional, worked hard and the
animals look great! We look forward to working with you again next year.
Tom & Carla Baster
Snugglers' Meadow Alpacas & Fiber Mill



Dear Rachel and John,
Thank you for the outstanding job you did for us and the other small farms who had their alpacas shorn here.
You came highly recommended by other farms I respect and your biosecurity measures made choosing you even easier.
We've used many different shearers over the years, but your team was the most efficient, as well as doing a lovely job on the alpacas.
The singing was also enjoyed by the alpacas and us.
Please schedule us again, same time frame, for 2009.   
Cheryl and Albert Laufer




Spring Ridge Alpacas             Sunlight Alpaca Farm


Summerwind Farm Alpacas

Hi, We are Cheri and Jeff Carpenter, the ones you were nice enough to squeeze into your schedule at the last minute in
Chenango Forks NY.  Thank you so much for doing that for us.  I also want to let you know what a great job everyone did on our alpacas,
they look great.  I hope we will be seeing you again next year.   Thank you so much,  
Cheri & Jeff Carpenter of South Street Alpacas

Swisher Creek Farm   Shannon Valley Alpacas     Terra Del Lago Alpaca Farm

Great job, great crew, highly
Shelley & Todd Wetherill
Tick Ridge Alpaca Farm




 Western Reserve Alpaca Farm                 Wild Iris Alpacas

Hi John: 
We would like to have you come back again to shear our critters. 
You did a super job last year.   

Pat & Bill Baird



Wolf Creek Alpacas of Ohio


Hi Shearing Alpacas,
Just wanted to write and tell you all how pleased we were with Brian's shearing services. 
Our alpacas look great and the cut is so even.  We look forward to having you shear our alpacas in the future. 
We wish you great success with your shearing. 
Thank you again,
Mike and Kimberly Buchy



Other Shearing References:

The Andrew Farm
John -
Thank you again for the great job you did here at The Andrew Farm.  I was glad to see Micah with you;
because sometimes I just don't know how we would get some of the animals under control without his help. 
Hope your finger is healed by now.  See you again next year. Thank you again,
Thomas Andrew
The Andrew Llama Farm

    Lamb'z Own Acres                   The Shepherd's Fold

Kisling Farm