Robyn from KY
shearer was kuno on 7/11/2023
Brother and sister team was the best enjoyed them and how they handled my old animals with care. Hope to get them back next year. Very knowledgeable and on the animals.

Wanda from TX
shearer was john on 6/20/2023
We love our Shearing Team Will not use anyone else

Melinda from WY
shearer was sardis on 6/16/2023
Thank you so much. The guys did a great job and handled the Alpaca just right. Easy peasy! We will definitely be scheduling for next year. Thank you one and all. Thank you for your efficient scheduling too. Don’t know how you do it! Congrats, Melinda (Lînen) Greenough

Sharon from UT
shearer was sardis on 6/12/2023
Sardis has sheared for us in the past & has always provided a "job well done". He & the other 2 young men were pleasant & efficient. I look forward to him coming again next year.

LaJean from UT
shearer was john on 6/12/2023
They did an excellent job, even when the weather was rainy. Worked great with the animals.

Jan from CO
shearer was john on 6/12/2023
John and Rory did a fantastic job. They did the shearing, toenails and teeth very efficiently. We hope to see the team in 2024.

Dave from OH
shearer was sardis on 5/27/2023
Great crew A+++++

Kay from NE
shearer was micah on 5/25/2023
We are again extremely pleased with Micah and his crew – Asher, Andrew, and Tristan! We’ve had animals for over twenty years, and this was by far the most efficient and smooth shearing experience we have had in a number of years, evidence of the skill, efficiency, and professionalism of this crew! Micah’s team perfectly balanced efficiency with care and attention to detail for each animal, which we were so appreciative of given our aging herd and very pregnant females! The crew put up with our requests for pre-shearing pictures, show cuts on almost every fleece, and didn’t miss shots, toes, or teeth on anyone. So impressed by this group and already looking forward to having them back next year. Thank you – Micah, Asher, Andrew, and Tristan – the animals are loving their haircuts!

Lucy from MI
shearer was noah on 5/24/2023
we feel they went above and beyond.

Lee from MI
shearer was noah on 5/23/2023
As always, the guys treated me like a Queen. Noah and Destin went above all to make sure I was pleased with their work. Their topknots were the best ever. They helped me clean up and left everything neat.

Bruce from WI
shearer was micah on 5/22/2023
Very efficient-done very quickly

Mary from WI
shearer was micah on 5/22/2023
Micah and his crew were fantastic! Gentle and efficient. My alpacas were not stressed and look terrific. I look forward to having them back to shear next year. Thank you!

Julie from WI
shearer was micah on 5/20/2023
skilled, reliable, fast, courteous to humans and alpacas. Great team.

Allison from MD
shearer was sardis on 5/19/2023
Very nice young men. Looking forward to next year.

Dianne from MI
shearer was micah on 5/18/2023
Excellent job and extra kudos for battling the may flies! Thank you guys. You rock !!!

Lenda from PA
shearer was sardis on 5/18/2023
Great Guys and very happy with services. I like that they are gentle and considerate of the animal and its owner. Thanks again for another year.

Beth from PA
shearer was noah on 5/16/2023
Very cool calm and collected!! No stress. Hope to see you next year🤗

Bonnie from NY
shearer was noah on 5/12/2023
As always the guys who come to my farm are always on time or even early. They are always fun to work with and do a wonderful job. Thanks for another great job. See you all next year.

Felice from NY
shearer was noah on 5/12/2023
Excellent service from Noah and Tristan….please send them in 2024…they did a GREAT job! Thank you to Rachael Gunther, finding you thru RiverValley vet in Fultonville, N.Y. 12072+ Dr. Jill and Dr. Jess. Were the best thing we ever did for KinniKinnicalpacafarm1 @ Fondly yours Jeremy & Felice Pearlman.. Cherry Valley N.Y.

Sherry from MI
shearer was caleb on 5/6/2023
They look great and we just love Caleb!

Linda from MI
shearer was caleb on 5/6/2023
Caleb always does a nice job. He has been coming to our farm for many years. Always good to see him. He handles the animals very well, does a nice job on the shearing. And we have pleasant conversation while they work.

Barbara from NJ
shearer was noah on 5/4/2023
You two did a great job taking care of our animals. Thank you Alpaca Joe's

Deborah from KY
shearer was sardis on 5/4/2023
Sardis and his team go up and above to create a calm and professional environment for our alpacas. It is a pleasure to have the team on our farm. We thank them and as always look forward to next year. The alpacas look great!

Sonia from TN
shearer was sardis on 5/1/2023
We want to say Thank You to Sardis and his crew. We are only into our second year with Alpacas and did not have a good experience with a shearer we used last year. Sardis and his crew showed up and got right to work setting up while Sardis (knowing we were still new to this) took the time to introduce his associates and give us a rundown of their process. He took the time to explain what he was doing and why at each step, what we could use the different fleece for(1st, 2nd and thirds). The animals were treated carefully and only down for a minimal amount of time. They work very effeciently and carefully.We can't thank them enough. Rachel was great to deal with on the phone while setting our appointment as first time clients, always took the time to answer any questions and schedule us. Thank you all, Sonia and Mike

Connie from TN
shearer was sardis on 4/29/2023
Sardis and his crew take alot of pride in their work. They worked well together and assisted Sardis with moving our llamas to get a great shearing. We are grateful to have had Sadie’s crew three times . Our llamas are very happy when they leave. Thank you., The McMillan’s

Suzie from TN
shearer was sardis on 4/29/2023
Always a pleasure to have Sardis and crew. So respectful of alpacas, property and us

JoAnn from OH
shearer was john on 4/29/2023
This is our first year and we believe that we had the "best" team - John's team. The guys are professional, kind and pay attention to the needs of the owner and the alpacas!! We think John's team should win because he is celebrating his 20th year shearing alpacas. Michael and JoAnn White

Arleen from WV
shearer was noah on 4/27/2023
Perfection. We're slowing down after 16 years in the business and after having peaked at 27 alpacas everyone was glad to come, we are now down to 4 alpacas; one male with many health issues, two girls getting up there in years and one girl still hot to trot if you understand. The care Noah and Destin showed the alpacas was impeccable but what stood out for us was their ability to listen to our history and what was needed to keep us on track as we slowly work an exit plan brokenheartedly as it may be toward retirement. The dedication to be there for us as our herd diminishes with laughs and light hearts. Rachel cannot be left out, with her communication skills going a long way when things don't always go as planned. We will recommend Noah,Destin, and all at Shearing Alpacas above any of what might be considered their competition of which after years of experience there doesn't seem to be much. God bless those that care for each alpaca and not just what you have to offer them when you're herd is at its peak. Sincerely, Arleen and Allen McInarnay of Double "A" Ranch

Jennifer from IN
shearer was micah on 4/27/2023
Micah's team was awesome as always!! They are very good at what they do and can tell they support each other in their work. This is very impressive considering they spend 24/7 with each other traveling to farms and working together.

Lori from TN
shearer was noah on 4/24/2023
Noah and Dustin were wonderful! I am new raising alpacas and this was my first experience. I'd heard stories of the stressed alpacas and the mess. Bio Shearing was recommended by Foster Trails Alpaca Farm. These two sheared my very pregnant lady (due in 2 weeks) with gentle care so as to keep her calm. My five ladies were done in less than 90 minutes-set up to clean-up! They also helped me understand body scoring. In fact Noah has so much experience that he was able to accurately tell how old each of my girls are. I'll schedule again next spring when I will have new crias to add to my herd. Thank you Rachel for your help and scheduling and Noah and Dustin for the care and skill you gave me and my herd. Lori Tanner Pikeville TN

Angela from OK
shearer was sardis on 4/20/2023
Fantastic first experience! Sardis and his crew were polite, knowledgeable, quick, and professional. We will definitely be using them year after year. 10/10!

Patrick from TX
shearer was micah on 4/18/2023
Thank you so much for shearing. Good hard workers, fast, efficient and polite.

Glenn from TX
shearer was noah on 4/14/2023
Thanks you so very much for shearing our precious alpacas! We really appreciate your hard work!!!

Casey from AL
shearer was john on 4/14/2023
Amazing experience. Thank you again!

Lessa from TX
shearer was sardis on 4/13/2023
The best ever

Beverly from TX
shearer was noah on 4/8/2023
Just wanted to tell you it was the calmest, best shearing ever. Noah is incredible. They were such a team. Our alpacas were so calm. We’ve never had a day like yesterday. And, all of the others were good. You can tell he worked with John because it reminded me of when I met John 8 years ago. I only have one question. What is his partners name. He’s been here the last several years and I keep forgetting it. He’s wonderful, too. Thanks again.

Jennifer from TX
shearer was micah on 4/5/2023
Micah & crew are the best! Y’all have been taking care of our animals for years and we consider your services provided as a blessing! Thank you!

Sheri from TX
shearer was sardis on 4/3/2023
Great as always. They always make the llamas' "worst day EVER" go quickly and painlessly. Just don't ask the llamas. They will say they died 17 times while being shorn.

Danelle from NM
shearer was john on 4/3/2023
For our first time with you everything went great. We appreciate the timeliness and look forward to working with you again.

Bill from MS
shearer was noah on 4/3/2023
it was a pleasure to work with this crew. they have a can do attitude, and hold customer in high regard

Linda from SC
shearer was noah on 3/31/2023
I had a 2 man crew and it took twice as long to complete shearing. I prefer the larger crew with 2 mats. That being said, the guys did a great job.

Anita from NC
shearer was noah on 3/29/2023
The 2 man crew with Noah worked very well for us and would be happy to have him next year again. Was great with the alpacas including the girl with a broken leg in a splint.

Andi from VA
shearer was noah on 3/28/2023
Noah and his crew always do a great job!

Wendy from KY
shearer was sardis on 3/27/2023
Sardis & his team have always been, & still are very pleasant, and very efficient & patient when handling our alpacas.. we look forarwd to seeing them again next spring.. thnk-you!

Julie from OH
shearer was micah on 3/23/2023
Very nice and professional crew who did an outstanding job handling the Alpacas and shearing them. The Alpacas looked great when they were done! I would definitely hire them again to shear my Alpacas and trim their teeth and toes.

Kay from NE
shearer was sardis on 6/24/2022
Excellent crew!!! They worked together so well and put the animal first. Everyone's hair cut is perfect (with some boys getting special fiber cuts)!! They graciously put up with and helped with photo shoots in between it all keeping the shearing progress on track. Thank you Sardis and crew!!!! Job very well done!!!!

Wendy from MT
shearer was sardis on 6/20/2022
Oh my gosh, where do we begin? This was our first alpaca shearing experience and we are new to alpacas. Rachel put us at ease by scheduling us an appointment quickly and explaining the process. Day of shearing (20 June 22): Sardis and his crew Johnathan, Daniel and Tristen were spectacular. To think I was nervous about this all week and for what? They were professional, polite, helpful, and knowledgeable. Everyone on within this crew didn't mind taking time to educate us about whatever we needed to know. Today was the first time I actually got to pet, touch or hold our alpacas. In addition they taught us how to catch them and halter them. The crew did a total of 9 sheep (2 were strong rams) and two intact male alpacas. They sheared, clipped toes, shaved teeth, trimmed fighting teeth and educated all in a little over an hour. We will utilize their services in the future and highly recommend them to others. Thank you Willow creek studio (Christena) for referring them to us.

Rachel from MT
shearer was sardis on 6/17/2022
Very friendly and informative crew!! First shearing experience for us with our alpacas and the guys were very helpful and friendly with answering our many questions while still doing an excellent job!

Jenny from ID
shearer was sardis on 6/15/2022
Sardis and his crew are awesome!!

Linda from UT
shearer was sardis on 6/11/2022
Sardis and his crew were excellent! We've been hiring shearers for 24 years now and this was probably our best experience ever. A group of talented and respectful young men made up this crew! And our animals all look fantastic. Thank so much!

Barb from OH
shearer was sardis on 5/26/2022
Sardis, Daniel, and Jonathan were so kind and helpful with everything! I had one alpaca that has been ill and they were especially kind with him and to me. I hope I can be scheduled with them next year.Also alpacas all look so neat and clean- great shearing job! Thank you 😊

Mandy from MI
shearer was micah on 5/25/2022
Great service as always. Thank you! Minimal "trauma" for Will and Goodness - appreciated very much!

Norma from OH
shearer was sardis on 5/25/2022
Sardis and his team work well together. They do a very good job with my alpacas.

Janelle from MI
shearer was caleb on 5/24/2022
The guys were friendly, respectful, knowledgeable, and professional. They were kind to my two alpacas. They educated me as a new alpaca owner and answered questions I had with patience and kindness. They were nice to talk to and I appreciated their time.

Cindy from Ohio
shearer was sardis on 5/24/2022
These guys were great! It was my first time and I was nervous, but this crew handled everything fast, efficient and friendly. I highly recommend them! Thanks!!!!

Deb from PA
shearer was john on 5/23/2022
Couldn't be happier. John and crew were friendly , efficient , and were very gentle with my girls!! Very pleased with their attention to detail.

Dave from OH
shearer was sardis on 5/23/2022
Very good all around, showed up on time and handled the animals very good and all were very polite. Highly recommend this crew

JoAnn from OH
shearer was sardis on 5/20/2022
I had the best experience in 12 years of alpaca ownership. I felt like Sardis ~ Daniel and Jonathan we’re on exactly the same page. I have to say i know how FUSSY i am about all things on shearing day. I stress over it. I wont any more. I will even ask Sardis to cut the heads and legs as he would on my show animals. My herd was in skilled loving hands. I can’t say enough ! Responsible. Respectful and gentle to the animals. Kind and respectful to my many needs. When you have a great hair cut you feel great. Each alpaca looks his / her best. I am so very happy. Rachael these guys are damn good !

Karen from WI
shearer was micah on 5/19/2022

Lucy from MI
shearer was caleb on 5/18/2022

Julie from WI
shearer was micah on 5/18/2022
He's a great shearer. I so appreciate the service.

Paige from PA
shearer was sardis on 5/17/2022
Sardis and his crew were very efficient and friendly. They talked out our cut preferences before starting and then would ask us about doing teeth and toenails before they started just to confirm it was ok with us. The animals were handled in a safe manor that kept everyone in the situation safe. The crew was very well informed and answered any questions that were asked! It is always a great experience!

David from WV
shearer was sardis on 5/16/2022
Great job again, good job explaining what they were doing, why teeth did or didn't need to be done. All the pacas look great, thanks so much for being here this year!

Pat from MI
shearer was micah on 5/14/2022
It’s always a pleasure seeing the guys show up. We appreciate their services.

Danise from PA
shearer was sardis on 5/13/2022
Awesome! Sardis and his team did a fantastic job! Thank you :) and God Bless.

Lisa from PA
shearer was john on 5/12/2022
The crew worked well as a team. Each knew their job and went right to work. They handled my alpacas with care and did a fantastic job!

Cathy from PA
shearer was sardis on 5/12/2022
Got done pretty quick. All in all a good day. Our Alpacas feel much cooler

Tracey from OH
shearer was caleb on 5/11/2022
Caleb and his team did a phenomenal job. Please note Caleb down for next year for my farm. Thank you

Melanie from MI
shearer was micah on 5/3/2022
We are so very thankful! Truly appreciate the skill and the care given to our furry friends!

Terri from NY
shearer was caleb on 5/2/2022
Caleb and his 2 Cronies did a wonderful job with handling the boys and of course Abbie (llama). Pippen didn't get any hairs up his nose so no sneezing from him this year!! The weather was one of those misty mornings but the boys did a beautiful job on the animals and I always appreciate them being on time. Told Caleb to give you my best....Thanks again Team Caleb and I will see you next year! Terri Fountain, Glen Spey, NY

Jeff from IN
shearer was micah on 4/30/2022
As always: Micah Justice and his shearing crew from from Biosecure Alpaca Shearing was Awesome. He does a great job. We have used him with our farm and various other neighboring farms for many years. They are prompt, precise and very professional each and every visit. We greatly appreciate all the hard work he does. Rocky Road Alpacas will continue to use Micah until we have our last animal. Thanks to all who make this happen. Thanks to Rachel and her years of continued scheduling and communication.

Tracy from IN
shearer was micah on 4/28/2022
Best company and crew!!! Highly recommend to everyone!!!

Bruce from PA
shearer was caleb on 4/28/2022
Very quick, clean, and professional. Alpacas look great!

Gary from KY
shearer was john on 4/28/2022
Outstanding crew. Thank you!

Karen from KY
shearer was john on 4/28/2022
He was so calm & gentle. Made the llamas at ease . My little wild one even stood to be sheared usually fights hard & cushes up & down the whole time but she stood there pretty still. Thank you

Alice from NJ
shearer was caleb on 4/26/2022
My first time shearing w my 3 young alpacas and the experience was amazing! Caleb, Justin and James were really just nice guys and answered all my questions and the alpacas did not seem to be overly traumatized like I had been led to believe, which is very important to me. The guys worked together like a well oiled machine and got it done quick and my little boys are now doing zoomies around their paddock. Thanks for a great job guys! See you next year ❤️

George from TN
shearer was sardis on 4/22/2022
These guys are fantastic. I cannot say enough good about them from their personality to their ability. I am a first-time user but would recommend them to anyone. Saying thanks doesn't begin to express how grateful I am.

Nora from TX
shearer was john on 4/20/2022
John, Rory and Nate did a wonderful job on my animals. They were timely, efficient, quick, caring, paid attention to detail and sensitive to some of the last minute changes we had to make onsite. I would recommend this team to care for anyone's animals. Look forward to working with the shearingalpaca crews again next year.

Patricia from AR
shearer was sardis on 4/19/2022
Sardis gets a "10" just because that's the highest I can give. Excellent in every way. Amazingly gentle and knowledgeable with my fur babies. Thank you!! Highly recommend.

LuAnn from OK
shearer was sardis on 4/16/2022
This team was absolutely amazing! We want them to come back next year and shear our alpacas. They handled our animals with great care, and were very gentle with them. These young men were very professional, and very pleasant to be around. Can not brag on them enough! Thank you!

George from NM
shearer was micah on 4/16/2022
This was my first year with Shearing alpaca and I was very happy with the results. Micah, Levi and Triston were excellent. They handled the animals with care and professionalism to get them down, sheared, trimmed, vaccinated, and dewormed with minimal time and stress on the animals. After we were done, we had a late lunch and visited. I hope they come back through this area again next year as I would like them back to shear in the future. Thank you guys for a great service and wish you the best for your continued travels as you head back home! George R.

Tracy from OK
shearer was sardis on 4/15/2022
Great guys always do a great job

Gina from AZ
shearer was john on 4/12/2022
The shear team worked well together. They were professional, easy to work with, handled alpacas with care & made them look amazing! We enjoyed today! Thank you so much! We look forward to working with you next year!

Linda from TX
shearer was caleb on 4/11/2022
They were very efficient and good with alpacas. They also gave each alpaca their worm shots. Thanks to all. Linda thomas

Lori from NV
shearer was john on 4/9/2022
This crew is the best this is our 2rd year and it is easy and efficient. Loved the new sandbags over their necks. Not only easier on the animal but frees up the guy to do other things. The guys are always calm and fast with my girls so they don't have to be down more than 10 min also they do their teeth and feet. Thank You !!!!!

Diane from TX
shearer was sardis on 4/6/2022
Sardis and his team did an outstanding job and are professional and efficient. Very respectful and friendly. Our llamas and alpacas look better than new! We hope we get Sardis again next year.

Jessica from TX
shearer was micah on 4/6/2022
This was my first shearing and the tram was absolutely great. I have 2 alpacas and 1 of them is a diva! The guys were good and didn't even bat an eye when he was screaming and spitting. Definately was easier than I had thought it would be!

Kathryn from TX
shearer was caleb on 4/5/2022
Absolutely the BEST experience having Caleb and his crew do the shearing this year! The men were pleasant, happy, polite, accommodating and truly listened to my needs as an owner . This was only the second shearing I have had done at my ranch, and hands down the most professional. We have 14 adults and 4 cria. The animals were penned close to the shearing area and Caleb’s crew assisted in moving the animals to and from the pens. We had a lot of grass burrs in the fleece, so each alpaca needed to have shearing specific for them and they looked great afterwards!! The price was fair and the men did an excellent job! I will defiantly book again next year and would like to request Caleb and crew ! Safe travels gentlemen🦙

Janie from TX
shearer was caleb on 4/5/2022
great job guys

Sheri from TX
shearer was sardis on 4/1/2022
The guys were SUPER gentle this year! Thank you so much!!!

Justine from TX
shearer was micah on 3/31/2022
Always a pleasure to have Micah and crew shear our alpacas. Hard working, positive and skilled in their trade. Look forward to seeing them again next year!

Butch from TX
shearer was micah on 3/30/2022
For the second year in a row we had rain on shear day, but the bad weather doesn’t dampen Micah and teams spirits. They are always friendly and efficient, take care to handle the animals with kindness. Great job fellas and see you again next year. Safe travels!

Molly from KY
shearer was sardis on 3/26/2022
Sardis did amazing shearing our alpacas! All of the alpacas were so calm and relaxed, it was over quickly and everything went so smoothly! Super sweet guys and we can’t wait for next year’s shearing with them!

Jeffrey from KY
shearer was sardis on 3/26/2022
Shearer Sardis and his helper did an absolute amazing job like always looking forward to next year thanks from Jeff's Buddies farm

Neal from TN
shearer was micah on 3/25/2022
Micah's crew was great!!!!!~! We enjoyed meeting them and having them here. We want them back next year. Neal & Sharon

Carol from KY
shearer was sardis on 3/25/2022
Sardis and a crew of from one to three others has sheared our alpacas and sheep several years in a row. Can’t say enough good about all the crew members who come!!! They are all professional, expert at their job, polite, and willing to go the extra mile. You could not ask for a better group of young men to do work on your farm. I would highly recommend this group to anyone who needed their services (and have done so!). And in spite of several snafus in scheduling, which is difficult when juggling so many farms and different needs, I felt that they tried their best to please absolutely everyone—a very difficult balancing act. Thanks so much!

Teresa from KY
shearer was sardis on 3/25/2022
Very patient and knowledgeable

Stephanie from KY
shearer was micah on 3/24/2022
Micah was friendly and polite to me, and kind and gentle to my animals. I have one alpaca that is rather foul tempered due to a rough start before he came to me, and Micah was careful around an old injured ear and patient with him.

Shelby from KY
shearer was micah on 3/24/2022
Great experience! We look forward to using you all again!

Debbie from WV
shearer was sardis on 3/23/2022
Sardis has patience with whomever he brings with him. This year he brought Jonathan, a 17 year old in training. Sardis also knows that I want my neck in a separate bag from the blanket. He let's us clean the mat between animal's, Sardis is never racing to get to the last animal and this I also respect. He has a sense of humor and is very easy to work with this also makes conversation easy! I highly recommend him for both alpacas and sheep.

Diane from OH
shearer was sardis on 3/5/2022
Sardis did an excellent job for us shearing 69 Shetlands Sheep. Paying attention to details, such as cleanly removing their fleeces, needing no follow up by me afterwards...Excellent Job! Also, care of each animal to minimize any knicks. Tristan did a good job on trimming their hooves also. Thank you Very Much!!