Show Quality Shearing for the Conscientious Breeder is the website that does the scheduling for a voluntary association of independent alpaca shearers who have all apprenticed for 4 years or more under John Gunther of Biosecure Alpaca Shearing, Ltd. and our other Master Shearers, Micah Justice of Durer Shearing, Ben Bowman of Beneficial Shearing and Sardis Gunther of Clean-Cut Shearing.
John Gunther 2014 Biosecure Alpaca Shearing, Ltd
John Gunther, Master Shearer
from Lakeville, Ohio
associate of
Micah Justice 2014 Durer, LLC
Micah Justice, Master Shearer 
from Loudonville, Ohio
associate of
Ben 2014 Beneficial Shearing, LLC
Ben Bowman, Master Shearer
from Wellborn, Florida
associate of
Micah Justice 2014 Clean-Cut Shearing, LLC
Sardis Gunther, Master Shearer
from Lakeville, Ohio
associate of

  • Jon Love of Jon Love's Shearing will be working as our Journeyman shearer this year.  Over the last 4 years, Jon has sheared over 2000 alpaca and llamas.  He will be running a 2-man team this year.
    Each year we try to have a 2 man crew  or two working on smaller  farms as we are committed to training shearers who will be able to meet the demands of the  industry.   Sometimes folks prefer the slower pace  and personal attention of the  one mat crew......All of our guys try to maintain John's standard of care and attention to detail and all of our crews workout together before the season starts, to provide a consistency of quality across the country. 
    We are committed to making the annual harvest as uncomplicated and efficient as possible, and to improving the consistency of shearing available to the alpaca industry.
    My son Kuno and I do the scheduling and phonework for these crews and their apprentices and will try to keep you guys up to date and informed as to how things are going through the calendar as well as on our  FB page..... thanks so much for visiting .:) 
    If you are a new farm to us and would like to be included on the 2015 schedule, please CALL me at 330-378-5155, and i will walk you through the pre-scheduling process. If you've used us before, please click on the scheduling link above and update your farm information and preferences as soon as possible.  Thanks from all of us at  - sincerely - Rachel