Alpaca Shearing Central

Across the country, sheep are shorn year round,
but with alpacas there is a definite “season” that generally runs from the end of March,
 in the warmer states until the middle or end of June in the cooler ones.

Most alpaca shearers are on the road and working full time during these months,
so the time to contact your shearer about a date is off season…
we are working on schedules between November and February.
Please try to get on somebody’s shearing schedule ASAP.
Ask folks you know for a recommendation, do your own research
and please don’t double book.

Animals need to be penned and dry when the shearer arrives,
they should be undercover with power and water nearby and accessible.
If you plan on special collection of fiber or herd health routines,
preparations should be made ahead of time.

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10 points to consider when hiring a Shearer

Most professionals attend some shearing schools, and apprentice under other professional shearers.
They will continue to hone their skills over time and might compete when the opportunity arises.

There are learning curves that take quite a bit of practice to develop, as far as handling, shearing, sharpening
and these skills are best learned by working on an established crew for several seasons.

Most working professionals shear between 1000 - 3500 animals in a season.
If someone has shorn under 500 alpacas in their lives, we would call them Apprentices, or beginners.
Journeyman shearers will have shorn between 500 and 1000 animals,
and Master Shearers generally cover at least that many every season.

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