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If this is your first time contacting us,  or you have
Questions, Comments and Concerns - please call 330-378-5155
and ask for Rachel
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Biosecure Alpaca Shearing Ltd.

Durer  Shearing 
Clean-Cut Shearing
and Fish and Clips... :)
invite you to join us for Shearing Season 2021!

Feel free to call with any questions or concerns:

At,  our goal is to make you happy.  Shearing Day is a necessary part of every alpaca breeders year, but it need not be exhausting or stressful.

Since 2002 , the crews at
have been setting the standard for alpaca shearing
across the country. 

The first to bring biosecurity and 4 man teams to the field,
John, Micah, Sardis, Caleb, and  their crews, 
 disinfect  between farms and arrive at your farm
with clean boots and equipment.

Alpacas need to be dry, penned and accessible when our crew arrives.

Our trained crew members  will do all of the major handling 
for you, reducing the risk of injury to the 
animals as well as their owners.   Not only will  your blankets 
be taken off in one piece w/minimal second cuts, 
but your animals will be cleaned up as well, 
no alpaca left behind...

We typically run 4 four man crews , meaning we provide one shearer and 3 helpers.  Our guys bring their own restraints and mats which are disinfected between farms.  In most cases we will run two shearing stations. 
Owners should be prepared to take care of their fiber, and should enlist all the help they will need for bagging and sorting fleece as well as help for cleanup.

Fiber Sorting crews have worked with us before, but if they are new to sorting, please let us know so we can allow additional time on scene. We also would appreciate knowing if there are more than a few "special" hairdos on the agenda.

Our standard show quality cuts look like the picture below:

 The guys enjoy shearing and will shear large groups of alpaca, llamas, and even occasional sheep. (Most sheep are done outside of the alpaca shearing season, so we don't have to mix equipment.) We really don't mind travelling, but we prefer to group you with others in your area. We do charge a per farm set up fee . This helps to cover some of our travel and lodging expenses and makes it more likely that we will come out to your area if there are several farms willing to use us.
Ask about our money saving options.
We do have
references :-)

For more information or to schedule an appointment for
Show Quality Shearing 
call 330-378-5155
 Monday thru Saturday  11 am - 8 pm EST
Thank you!



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